We have grouped together some of Namio’s Drawings that have the same theme. Below are links to those pages.

Girl on Girl Drawings from Namio Harukawa

Most of these are girl on girl Namio drawings others might be called threesome scene. Still great drawings from Namio Harukawa.… Read More

Namio’s Blonde Dommes

Not completely sure these were supposed to be blondes? Maybe Platinum Blondes or Graying Mistresses. Still fantastic drawings just the same.… Read More

REALLY Big Women

Namio’s artwork featured well rounded women dominating smaller men. Then sometimes he showcase REALLY LARGE women in his work.… Read More

More with the Hats

Namio did so many drawings of voluptuous women wearing remarkable hats, we had to add another page. Who says you can’t look great while dominating?… Read More

The Guards Collection

Not sure if this was supposed to be prison scenes? Maybe an all female military police? With Namio who knows. Fantastic Namio Harukawa drawings just the same.… Read More

Namio’s Bunny Club

It seems easy to imagine that these rare Namio drawings were inspired by the 60’s & 70’s Playboy Bunny Clubs?… Read More

Gun Play

 Many times Namio got into a style rhythm or explored a particular fetish or theme. One we found that was not typical, was this gunplay series of drawings.… Read More

Namio Sports

A more unique theme of Namio’s drawings was sports & exercise. There really are not many but we did find some of golfing. tennis, weights, etc…… Read More

On a Leash

Bondage is a theme throughout Namio’s Art. However, with this mini-collection, we decided to look for those on a leash specifically… Read More

Over Drinks

A great number of Namio’s drawing were women using men as furniture. Creative bar stools, chairs, and the like. We featured a few of them in this collection.… Read More

What’s with the Hat

Thought this was an interesting little grouping of Namio’s drawings. It’s not always the same woman, or even the same hat.… Read More

Namio’s Nurses

Don’t know if it was an intentional focus to draw nurses or a phase, but we think these are some great drawings.… Read More

Chained to the Desk

WORK WORK WORK, Sometimes we don’t really think about the expressions we say.… Read More


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