Here are some favorites:

     This started out as a sort of fan page for the amazing drawing of Namio Harukawa. Then, since his passing in 2020 I guess it has also become a bit of a tribute site as well. I'll continue to post quality drawings I find online.
     Namio certainly did have his own style and subject matter. His works typically featured women with large breasts, hips, legs, and butts dominating and humiliating smaller men. Most drawings did show scenes of facesitting & bondage, yet there were also other fetishes portrayed in his work including toilet play.
     While we try to use only drawings from Namio Harukawa's body of work. There may be some that are not his, but are simply done in his style. We also did not get to worried about if an image was altered, enhanced with colorization, etc.. Mostly the guideline was if it was visually of pretty good quality for online viewing. Hope you enjoy.
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